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This issue's cover image is provided by Dave Evans and we proudly present his vision of THE LEAGUE OF MARVELS (combining The Legion of Super heroes with the possible decendents of The Avengers).

Here is the roll call:

Giant and Hornet (Giant man and the Wasp); Iron Girl (Iron man); Matrix (the Vision); Quantum (Quasar) Powerpax (Power Pack); Trident (Namor); Marvel Girl (Captain Marvel); Ion (Wonder Man and the Scarlet Witch); Shulk (She-Hulk); Sentinel (Captain America and Warbird); Crimson (Doctor Strange and Clea); The Whizzer (Makkari); Pendragon (The Black Knight and Sersi); Thunder (Thor); Nightshade (Nightcrawler); Spider (Spider man); Starbird (Falcon and Photon); Longbow (Hawkeye); Tigris (Tigra and Starfox)
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